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5 Most Popular Types of Seafood to Eat

The sea and oceans are home to an astonishing range of sea creatures and plenty of these species are popular on the menus of modern restaurants because they offer so much goodness and taste so great.

Our oceans are home to thousands of different fish species and crustaceans and most of these species are edible and taste pretty good too.

5 Most Popular Types of Seafood to Eat

Even though the assortment is incredibly diverse, there are only a handful of fish and shellfish types that are commonly devoured in eateries.

There are quite a few reasons for people to focus on a few selective seafood types. While availability plays a huge part, the reason so many keep buying the same tasty seafood is because of taste.

The best seafood types just taste so good, we cannot get enough of them.

Let’s explore the most liked types of seafood that most people order when they visit a seafood restaurant.

The 5 Best Seafood Types to Give a Try

Scanning through the selection of a seafood menu can be a little bit intimidating. This is especially true if you are visiting a restaurant like Kreole where the seafood menu is so impressive.

When you are not sure what to pick then you can always focus on foods that other customers love to indulge in.

Here is a quick look at seafood dishes that are always trending at Kreole.

Kreole Fire Shrimp

Shrimps are probably one of the most loved seafood types in the world. These small crustaceans can be cooked by boiling them in water, they can be roasted on an open flame, or they can be deep fried in hot oil. Shrimp tastes divine with any of these cooking methods but the most popular variation is shrimp with a crispy coating.

People just cannot get enough of these juicy bites with their crunchy exteriors and sweet yet spicy flavor. Kreole’s fire shrimp is especially popular here in Mosaic District and a must if you ever visit our restaurant.

These fine-tasting firecracker shrimps are prepared by dipping them in a batter, rolling them in crunchy cornflakes, and baking them to a perfect crispy brown texture.

They are then served with a delicious chili sauce with some scallions. The crispy bites are a perfect treat to get when you are sharing a meal with friends who all would love to sample this delectable treat.

Kreole Fire Shrimp


Lobster is a true bucket list dish. There is just no other food quite like it. Diving into a dish of delicious freshly cooked lobster is a true adventure. It is quite stimulating to crack open the hard shell of this food and revealing the soft and creamy meat off is extremely rewarding.

Lobster is probably one of the finest foods you can indulge in because it is associated with luxury. Munching on these delicacies has been fashionable since the mid-18th century. 

Eating lobster isn’t just lavish and scrumptious. The meat of this crustacean is rich in omega-3 fatty acid which is known to boost brain health. 

Kreole is the very best restaurant to dine at if you want to dine on a luxury masterpiece. At this restaurant, you can tailor your meal by selecting your own sauce and spices for your lobster. You can also pick any add-ons you like to be served along with the brilliant red lobster.

Blue Crab

Blue crab is a highly sought-after treat here in Mosaic District. This fine-tasting shellfish is an ideal meal for Weight Watchers because it is low in calories but consists of lots of protein. Blue crab also contains lots of nutrients. The crab is packed with vitamins B12, zinc, and potassium, and it even has phosphorus. 

Blue crab is an especially popular seafood meal at Kreole’s because the crab here tastes exceptionally well. Here, you can choose to order an individual meal with the add-ons, sauces, and spices you like or you can pick a large platter of blue crab that can be shared with a group of friends.

Blue Crab


Mussels are often included on menus as a starter or appetizer but you can also enjoy these fishy treats as a meal. This popular seafood blends perfectly with creamy, garlic butter sauces and they are often served with add-ons like garlic butter fries, sticky rice, or potatoes because foods blend well with the rich fragrance of the shellfish.

This seafood is also very healthy to munch on. A bowl of mussels will nourish your body with lots of vitamins B2, and B12 as well as vitamin A. These vitamins are terrific for enhancing brain function, will increase your energy levels, and can make you feel a lot livelier. 


Oyster tasting has been trending for centuries. It is very popular to go and visit a restaurant so you can sample fresh raw oysters but not everyone is too fond of the juicy sensation of these bites.

Some love the unusual sensual experience that oyster sampling offers but if you are not too fond of the jiggly sensation then you can visit Kreole. 

This seafood restaurant has a completely different approach to all of their foods and the oysters are no different. 

Here, oysters are prepared by skilled chefs and they are perfectly cooked and infused with spices and a tasty sauce. This alternative preparation method and our unique recipe completely alter the texture and taste of the oysters. The result is a delicious plate of food with a sensational aroma.

If you are normally not too fond of oysters then we highly recommend you give the cooked oysters served at Kreole a try.

These tasty morsels are completely different in terms of flavour, taste, and texture and is sure permanently alter the way you feel about oysters. 


Indulge in The Best Seafood in the Mosaic District

When you find yourself battling with a seafood craving in Mosaic District then you should reroute and head over to Kreole Seafood Restaurant. Here you won’t just find the best seafood in the area, you can also indulge in foods that explode in richness and flavor. 

You will be hooked onto our restaurant the moment you step through our doors. The overall ambiance is soothing and inviting while the rich sensations of freshly prepared seafood will make your mouth water with anticipation.

Kreole is the perfect restaurant to visit, every time you need something tasty but different from what average seafood establishments has to offer. 

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